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Name:Dr. Andy Yablonski
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America
[We're supposed to help him fight death, we're not supposed to help him invite it in.]

Andy grew up in Mt. Washington. As a teenager, Andy was a robber for his uncle, Micheal Zelasko. Andy got arrested during that time, and he was very close to going to prison, but did not for unknown reasons; it is suspected that Micheal was involved, similar to when Micheal paid $131,000 for Andy's medical school before he disappeared from Andy's life; Andy paid the exact amount back to Micheal, but Micheal donated the money to help one of Andy's patients. His uncle Michael raised him after Andy's parents died when he was young. Andy later graduated with honors from med school, and later became the student of Dr. William Foster. His relationship with Micheal is strained, but apparently Andy cares about him enough to not want to "rat him out."

Andy is a good-natured doctor with a sarcastic wit, even in the most serious circumstances (similar to his patient, Kuol). He can also be described as a "smart ass. " Andy's personality makes him popular with his colleagues and patients, and the only person to ever see beyond the charming surgeon is Dr. Sophia Jordan, who is his superior.

Andy was once married to Rena, they did not see eye-to-eye on things. He wanted children she did not due to both their jobs. Rena notes that they both spend too much time at work and not enough time at home with each other. Andy is convinced that this is about her wanting children and she states that is part of it. She believes that they would end up ignoring any children that they have and she would be parenting them alone. She tells Andy that she is extremely proud of him, referring to him as a "Rock star." Andy is currently about to move into his own apartment. Andy wishes for a home, a family, and a "life." It is suspected that Andy yearns this way because of his early life.

Note: Andy here gave Rena a divorce when she asked for one. He is played post series end hence the few tweaks to the character to fit this scenario.

More information on Andy can be found here.

[I am not Andy Yablonski, Alex O'Loughlin who portrayed him, or anyone associated with Three Rivers. Muse and mun are both over the age of eighteen, as such there will be adult content within.]
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